PIIE scholars produce path breaking research on the changing world of finance, including financial crises, banking reform, monetary policy, and the effects of regulations and taxes.

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Featuring Heidi Shierholz (Economic Policy Institute)
November 11, 2019
Working Paper
November 2019
Event Recap

HUANG Yiping (China Finance 40 Forum and Peking University’s National School of Development), Nicholas R. Lardy (PIIE), GAO Shanwen (Essence Securities), HE Jianxiong (former executive director for China, International Monetary Fund) and Mary E. Lovely (PIIE)

November 6, 2019
Policy Brief

David Reifschneider (former Federal Reserve) and David Wilcox (PIIE)

November 2019
October 31, 2019
RealTime Economic Issues Watch
October 30, 2019