Speeches by Dr. Stanley Fischer (1994-2004)
Socio-Economic Transformations in the CIS: Prospects and Challenges, Remarks made to the Academy of National Economy under the Russian Federation Government.  Moscow, Russia,  September 13, 2004 .
Viewpoint, Remarks made to The Banker's 2004 Awards Dinner. London. September 7, 2004.

Interview of Stanley Fischer, by Olivier Blanchard, Russell Sage Foundation, May 2004.

The Relationship between Government and Business in Russia, Remarks at the First International Conference on Corporate Governance and Economic Growth. Moscow, Russia. June 4, 2004
A Development Strategy for Asian Economies: Korean Perspective, Presentation at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank. Jeju, Korea. May 15, 2004
Doing Business in Central and Eastern Europe: Economic Challenges and Opportunities, Remarks made at a meeting of the Trilateral Commission. Warsaw, Poland. May 8, 2004.
Wall Street Meets Microfinance, WWB/FWA Lenore Albom Lecture Series. November 03, 2003.
Charlie Kindleberger, Remarks at the memorial service for Charles Kindleberger. October 30, 2003.
The Importance of Financial Markets in Economic Growth, International Derivatives and Financial Market Conference of the Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange. Campos do Jordao, Brazil. August 21, 2003.
Microfinance, Asia Society and Women's World Banking Annual Microfinance Conference, New York, May 13, 2003.
Commentary by Mr.Stanley Fischer, China Development Forum, Beijing, China, March 24, 2003.
Globalization and Its Challenges, American Economics Association, Washington, DC, January 3, 2003.
Pensions and the Savings Dilemma, Brisbane, Australia, November 13, 2002.
Basel II: Risk Management and Implications for Banking in Emerging Market Countries, Cape Town, South Africa, September 19, 2002.
Liberalization of Global Financial Services, Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC, June 5, 2002.
From 19th Street to Wall Street; Early Reflections, IFC Participants Meeting
Washington, DC, June 4, 2002.
The Asian Crisis: Lessons for the Future, Fifth Hong Kong Monetary Authority Distinguished Lecture, May 21, 2002.
Microfinance, Global Network for Banking Innovation in Microfinance, New York, May 16, 2002.
Current Challenges in World Financial Markets, Government Borrower's Forum, Cape Town, South Africa, March 19, 2002.
Restoring Sustained Growth in the Global Economy, Bank of China, Ninetieth Anniversary, Bejing, March 16, 2002.
Breaking Out of the Third World: India's Economic Imperative, India Today Conclave, New Delhi, January 22, 2002.
The International Financial System: Crises and Reform (under revision, comments welcome), The Robbins Lectures, October 29, 2001.
Globalization and the World Economy: The Impact of September 11, 32nd IAFEI World Congress, Cancun, October 18, 2001.
Stanley Fischer—Farewell to the Staff, October 1, 2001.
Stanley Fischer—Farewell to the IMF Executive Board, August 30, 2001.
Stanley Fischer—Farewell Dinner Speech, IMF, August 29, 2001.
The Current Work Program of the IMF in the Area of the Reform of the International Financial Architecture, at the conference on Change and Prosperity: The Aspen Institute Program on the World Economy, Aspen, August 15-18, 2001
Talking Points for Dinner Hosted by Mr. Iglesias, Inter American Development Bank, August 2, 2001
Korea and the IMF, at the Institute for Global Economics, Seoul, July 9, 2001
Opening Comments for Workshop on Macro-Micro Linkages, IMF, July 3, 2001
International Economic Policy Under the Clinton Administration, Comments by Stanley Fischer  Given at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, June 27, 2001
Remarks to the Argentine Bankers Association—by Stanley Fischer Given at the Argentine Bankers Association Meeting, June 25, 2001
The Russian Economy: Prospects and Retrospect—Speech by Stanley Fischer  Lecture Given at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, June 19, 2001
Financial Sector Crisis Management, Remarks by Stanley Fischer  Presented at a seminar on Policy Challenges for the Financial Sector in the Context of Globalization, June 14, 2001
Asia and the IMF—Remarks by Stanley Fischer  Given at the at the Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore, June 01, 2001
Beyond the Ivory Tower: The Role of the Economist in Society, at the Ramniceanu Forum, at Tel Aviv University, May 14, 2001
Remarks at the Japan Seminar, Tuesday, May 1, 2001
The International Economic Agenda: A View from the IMF, Remarks at the 45th Plenary Meeting of the Group of Thirty
IMF/World Bank International Reserves: Policy Issues Forum—Opening Remarks by IMF First Deputy Managing Director Stanley Fischer, Washington D.C., April 28, 2001
Priorities for the IMF—Remarks by Stanley Fischer Given at the Annual Meeting of the Bretton Woods Committee, Washington D.C. April 27, 2001
Reducing Vulnerabilities: The Role of the Contingent Credit Line—Remarks by Stanley Fischer Given at the Latin American Central Bank and Finance Ministry Network Meeting at the Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC April 25, 2001
Farewell to Ms. Karin Lissakers, IMF, April 13, 2001
The IMF's Role in Poverty Reduction, at the IMF's Research Department's workshop on Macroeconmic Policies and Poverty Reduction, April 12, 2001
Promoting Good Policies: The Role of the IMF, prepared for delivery at the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, March 2001
The Global Economic Outlook and the Role of the IMF, at the seminar on Global capital Markets and Smaller Economies, Kingston, Jamaica, February 16, 2001
The Challenge of Globalization in Africa—Remarks by Stanley Fischer Given at the France-Africa Summit, Yaoundé, Cameroon January 19, 2001
Exchange Rate Regimes and Crisis Prevention in Emerging Market Economies, prepared for delivery at the 4th Annual Conference of the Brookings-Wharton Papers on Financial Services, Washington DC, January 12th, 2001
Remembering Herb Stein: His Contributions as an Economist—Address by Stanley Fischer Prepared for delivery in a session commemorating Herb Stein, at the American Economic Association meetings, New Orleans January 06, 2001
Exchange Rate Regimes: Is the Bipolar View Correct?—Address by Stanley Fischer Prepared for delivery as the Distinguished Lecture on Economics in Government, jointly sponsored by the American Economic Association and the Society of Government Economists, at the meetings of the American Economic Association, New Orleans, January 06, 2001
Strengthening Crisis Prevention: The Role of Contingent Credit Lines—Address by Stanley Fischer, Given at the Banco de Mexico, Mexico City, November 15, 2000
Latin America 2000—Address by Stanley Fischer, Given at the LACEA Conference, Rio de Janeiro , October 12, 2000
Globalization: Valid Concerns?—Comments by Stanley Fischer
Made to Closing Panel Discussion Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, August 26, 2000
Collaboration in the Financial Sector, Joint Seminar on Bank-Fund Collaboration, July 28, 2000
Managing the International Monetary System—Address by Stanley Fischer, Given at the International Law Association Biennial Conference, London, July 26, 2000
Policies to Prevent Future Crises, Roundtable at the Boston Fed Conference, June 23, 2000
The IMF and the Financial Sector—Introductory Remarks by Stanley Fischer
given at the Seminar on Financial Risks, System Stability, and Economic Globalization
June 05, 2000
The Lessons of Reform—Ten Years On—Remarks by Stanley Fischer
Presented at the University for National and World Economy Sofia, Bulgaria
May 25, 2000
Ecuador and the IMF—Address by Stanley Fischer, Hoover Institution Conference on Currency Unions, Palo Alto, California, May 19, 2000
Policy Challenges for the New Millenium: The Role of the IMF, Brookings Trade Forum, Brookings Institution, Washington DC, April 27, 2000
Statement by Stanley Fischer, Acting Managing Director, to the G24 Ministerial Meeting April 15, 2000
Lunch address by Stanley Fischer at American University, conference on "Promoting Dialogue: Global Challenges and Global Institutions", April 13 2000
Russian Economic Policy at the Start of the New Administration—Remarks by Stanley Fischer, Acting Managing Director of the IMF conference on Investment Climate and Russia's Economic Strategy, State University: Higher School of Economics Moscow
April 06, 2000
Remarks by Stanley Fischer at the Bretton Woods Committee Meeting April 04, 2000
Opening Remarks by Stanley Fischer, Given at the IMF Institute's High-Level Seminar on Implementing Inflation Targets, March 20, 2000
Comments at the MIT Latin America Conference, Friday March 3, 2000
Remarks by Stanley Fischer at the Farewell Reception in Honor of the Managing Director February 10, 2000
Presentation by Stanley Fischer to the International Financial Institution Advisory Commission, February 02, 2000
Developing the Agenda for Poverty Reduction and Growth, at the Libreville Summit Meeting of African Heads of State, Libreville, Gabon, January 18-19, 2000
Learning the Lessons of Financial Crises: The Roles of the Public and Private Sectors—Address by Stanley Fischer Given at the Emerging Market Traders' Association Annual Meeting, New York December 09, 1999
After the Storm: A View from the IMF, at the Bankers' Association for Foreign Trade in Washington DC, December 2, 1999
Global Markets and the Global Village in the 21st Century: Are International Organizations Prepared for the Challenge?—Address by Stanley Fischer
Prepared for delivery to the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Auswartige Politik (German Society for Foreign Affairs) in Berlin November 19, 1999
The Euro and the Future of the International Monetary and Financial System, at the 5th European Forum, Berlin, November 20, 1999
Sovereign Debt, at London , November 4, 1999
A Role for Labor Standards in the New International Economy?, Opening and Overview: International Architecture Reform, October 29, 1999
Do We Need a New Bretton Woods?, at the Cato Institute Monetary Conference Panel Discussion, October 21, 1999
The Road to a Sustainable Recovery in Asia—Address by Stanley Fischer, Remarks prepared for delivery at a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Singapore, October 18 1999
Looking Ahead at the Emerging Markets Conference : How to ensure a Sustainable Recovery, Deutsche Bank Emerging Markets Conference, September 25, 1999
New Challenges for Monetary Policy, Overview, August 28, 1999
IMF Response to the World Gold Council, response to the World Gold Council
August 13, 1999
Remarks at the Inauguration of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of South Africa, Tito Mboweni—Address by Stanley Fischer, prepared for delivery at the inauguration of Tito Mboweni, and the retirement of Chris Stals, as Governor of the Reserve Bank of South Africa, Midrand August 07, 1999
The Asian Crisis: the Return of Growth—Stanley Fischer, an outline of comments prepared for delivery at a dinner of the Asia Society, Hong Kong June 17, 1999
A Decade of Transition, Pew Economic Freedom Fellows Program conference, Georgetown University, May 25, 1999
The Financial Crisis in Emerging Markets: Some Lessons, an outline of comments prepared for delivery at the Conference of the Economic Strategy Institute, Washington DC, April 28th 1999
Ten Tentative Conclusions from the Past Three Years, April 25th, 1999
The Financial Crisis in Emerging Markets: Lessons for Eastern Europe and Asia—Stanley Fischer, an outline of comments prepared for delivery at the EastWest Institute conference, New York April 23, 1999
The Asian Crisis: Origins, Policy Response, and Lessons, at the ILO Governing Body Symposium, Geneva, March 19-20, 1999
Brazil: Speaking Notes for Meeting with Bankers, New York, March 11, 1999
Crisis Prevention and Crisis Management in a Globalized World, Symposium on "Global Finance and Development, Tokyo, March 1-2, 1999
The Asian Crisis: The Beginning of the End?, at the Asia Society's 10th Annual Corporate Conference, "Asia's Choice: Open Markets or Government Control", Manila, February 24-26 1999
Russia Panel Presentation, at the U.S-Russian Investment Symposium, Cambridge, MA, on January 15, 1999
On the Need for an International Lender of Last Resort—Stanley Fischer, revised version of a paper prepared for delivery at the joint luncheon of the American Economic Association and the American Finance Association January 03, 1999
Laudatio: Rudiger Dornbusch, Remarks to introduce Rudiger Dornbusch's Munich Lectures in Economics, at the Center for Economic Studies, Ludwig-Maxmilians University, Munich, on November 17, 1998
Reforming the International Monetary System—Stanley Fischer, revised, but still preliminary, draft of material presented as the David Finch Lecture, Melbourne, November 09, 1998
Crisis Prevention and Crisis Management: the Role of the IMF, Deutsche Bank conference on Emerging Markets, October 3 , 1998
Is there a Conflict between Addressing Problems in the Banking Sector and Ensuring Support for the Macroeconomy? World bank / IMF seminar on Strengthening Banking Systems : Lessons from Crisis, Washington DC, October 3, 1998
Remarks at the World Economic Development Council Washington DC, October 1, 1998
Make IMF Aid Pay Off - A Commentary, published in South China Morning Post, September 17, 1998.
Economic Crises and the Financial Sector—Address by Stanley Fischer, Prepared for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Conference on Deposit Insurance September 10, 1998
The Asian Crisis and Implications for Other Economies - Address by Stanley Fischer
Prepared for delivery at the seminar on The Brazilian and the World Economic Outlook organized by Internews, Sao Paulo, Brazil June 19, 1998
Economic Policy and Equity - Opening Remarks by Stanley Fischer Address given at the IMF Conference on Economic Policy and Equity, Washington, D.C. June 08, 1998
The International Financial Crisis and the IMF, June 1998
The Asian Crisis, the IMF and Japan, seminar on Revitalization of the Japanese Economy and the Future of Asia, organized by the Institute of International Monetary Affairs, Tokyo, June 2 , 1998
ABCDE: Tenth Conference - Address by Stanley Fischer, prepared for the World Bank's Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics, Washington, D.C. April 20, 1998
The Asian Crisis, the IMF and the Japanese Economy, remarks prepared for delivery at the Asahi Shimbun symposium, April 8, 1998.
The IMF and the Asian Crisis—Address by Stanley Fischer prepared for delivery at the Forum Funds Lecture at UCLA., March 20, 1998
The Asian Crisis: A View from the IMF—Address by Stanley Fischer Remarks given at the Midwinter Conference of the Bankers' Association for Foreign Trade January 22, 1998
The Russian Economy at the Start of 1998—Stanley Fischer remarks prepared for delivery at the 1998 U.S.- Russian Investment Symposium, at Harvard University January 09, 1998
"Conditionality, Selectivity and IFI Lending" (with Allan Drazen), paper prepared for presentation at the conference in the memory of Michael Bruno, Jerusalem, November 23-24, 1997.
Statement by Stanley Fischer Given at the Middle East/North Africa Economic Conference, Doha, Qatar. November 16, 1997
Capital Account Liberalization and the Role of the IMF, Conference on Development of Securities Market in Emerging markets, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC, October 28 1997
How to Avoid International Financial Crises and the Role of the International Monetary Fund—Stanley Fischer remarks were prepared for delivery to the 15th Annual Cato Institute Monetary Conference, Washington DC, October 14, 1997
The Role of the IMF in Promoting Financial Stability, Address at the Conference on Financial Stability and Prudential Standards, Hong Kong, September 22, 1997
Capital Account Liberalization and the Role of the IMF, at the Seminar—Asia and the IMF--Stanley Fischer, Hong Kong, September 19, 1997
Russia: What is to be done? Prepared for presentation at the 5th Annual Colloquium sponsored by the Alfred Herrhausen Society, held at the Deutsche Bank, Berlin, July 5, 1997
Moderate Inflation and the Problems Connected With It, at the conference celebrating the fifth aniversary of the reintroduction of the Estonian kroon, held in Tallinn in June 1997, hosted by the Bank of Estonia
Globalization and the Perspective for Small Industrial Countries, at the Zukunftsforum of the Federal Chancellery, Vienna May 14, 1997
Central Bank Independence and Monetary Policy in a Low Inflation Environment, at the Austrian National Bank, Vienna, May 13, 1997
Emerging Markets: The Outlook, and the Role of the Fund, at the Spring Membership Meeting of the Institute for International Finance, Washington D.C, April 29, 1997
Statement at the International Business Conference on "Opportunities for Investment in the Mediterranean Region", London March 6-7, 1997
Banking, Soundness and the Role of the Fund, presentation at the Seventh Central Banking Seminar, at the IMF on January 27, 1997
Price Stability, Financial Systems and the Role of the Central Bank, address by Mr. Fischer at the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Lima, Novemeber 20, 1996
Egypt and the Fund, prepared for presentation at the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, Cairo, November 11, 1996
Statement at the Middle East/North Africa Economic Conference, Cairo, Egypt November 12-14, 1996
Economic and Monetary Union- A View from Outside: lecture delivered at Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin on October 25, 1996
Lessons from East Asia and the Pacific Rim, Symposium on the Economies of the Pacific Rim Countries, at the Brookings Panel on Economic Activity meeting, September 6, 1996
"Why are Central Banks Pursuing Long-Run Price Stability?", at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Symposium, Achieving Price Stability, Jacson Hole, Wyoming, August 29-31, 1996
Sustaining Growth in the ASEAN Countries: delivered at the Indonesian Economic Scholar's Association, Jakarta, Indonesia, May 22, 1996
Central Banking :The Challenges Ahead, 25th Aniversary Symposium of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, May 10, 1996
Statement at the Fourth Gulf Economic Forum Annual Conference, Manama, Bahrain April 8-10, 1996
A Look Back at Mexico: Was the Bailout Necessary?, at a meeting of the Group of Thirty in Buenos Aires, March 22-23, 1996
Statement, at the Conference on assistance to the Palestinians, Paris, January 9, 1996
Strategies for Long-Run Development, at the conference on Transitional and Long-Term Development Issues in South Africa, Johannesburg, Nov 30-Dec 5, 1995
Recollections of the United States Role in the Israeli Stabilization, Israeli Economic Association's Conference on the 10th Aniversary of the Israeli Stabilization Program, November 1995
Statement at the Middle East /North Africa Economic Summit, Amman, Jordan, October 30, 1995
Statement to the IDA Deputies, October 13, 1995
Statement, at the Ministerial Meeting of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee, September 28, 1995
What does the Halifax Communique Imply for the International Financial System?, at the Korea Institute of Finance, June 20, 1995
Financial Liberalization and Central Banking I Industrializing Economies, at the Bank of Korea's 45th Aniversary Symposium, Seoul, June 19, 1995
Second Generation Issues in Transition: From Stabilization to Growth, Remarks at a panel discussion at the World Bank's Annual conference on Development Economics
The IMF after Fifty Years and the Mexican Crisis, May 1995
Globalization of the World Economy: Its Impact on Trade and Security, at the National Press Club, April 24, 1995
Economic Reform and the Poor, at the Exim Bank Commemorative Lecture in Bombay, March 27, 1995
Central Bank Independence in the Transition Economies, at the Seventieth Aniversary Conference of the National Bank of Hungary, Budapest, November 1994
Statement at the Meeting of International Parliamentarians, November 21, 1994

Regional Development in the Middle East, at the Middle East / North Africa Economic Summit in Casablanca, October 31, 1994.

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