William R. Cline

Senior Fellow Emeritus

William R. Cline, senior fellow emeritus, has been associated with the Peterson Institute for International Economics since 1981. During 1996–2001 while on leave from the Institute, Dr. Cline was deputy managing director and chief economist of the Institute of International Finance (IIF) in Washington, DC. From 2002 through 2011 he held a joint appointment with the Peterson Institute and the Center for Global Development, where he is currently senior fellow emeritus. Before joining the Peterson Institute, he was senior fellow, the Brookings Institution (1973–81); deputy director of development and trade research, office of the assistant secretary for international affairs, US Treasury Department (1971–73); Ford Foundation visiting professor in Brazil (1970–71); and lecturer and assistant professor of economics at Princeton University (1967–70). He graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University in 1963, and received his MA (1964) and PhD (1969) in economics from Yale University.

Cline will continue releasing updates to his series on fundamental equilibrium exchange rate (FEER) estimates at the website Economics International Inc. Please contact him at [email protected] for more information.

His publications include:

  • Economic Consequences of a Land Reform in Brazil, 1970
  • Potential Effects of Income Redistribution on Economic Growth: Latin American Cases, 1972
  • International Monetary Reform and the Developing Countries, 1976
  • Trade Negotiations in the Tokyo Round: A Quantitative Assessment, 1978, coauthor
  • Economic Integration in Central America, 1978, coauthor
  • Agrarian Structure and Productivity in Developing Countries, 1979, coauthor
  • Policy Alternatives for a New International Economic Order: An Economic Analysis, 1979, editor
  • Economic Stabilization in Developing Countries, 1981, editor
  • World Inflation and the Developing Countries, 1981, principal author
  • Trade Policy in the 1980s, 1983, editor
  • International Debt: Systemic Risk and Policy Response, 1984
  • Exports of Manufactures from Developing Countries, 1984
  • The US-Japan Economic Problem, 1985, coauthor
  • Mobilizing Bank Lending to Debtor Countries, 1987
  • The Future of World Trade in Textiles and Apparel, 1987
  • United States External Adjustment and the World Economy, 1989
  • The Economics of Global Warming, 1992
  • International Economic Policy in the 1990s, 1994
  • International Debt Reexamined, 1995
  • Predicting External Imbalances for the United States and Japan, 1995
  • Trade and Income Distribution, 1997
  • Trade Policy and Global Poverty, 2004
  • The United States as a Debtor Nation, 2005
  • Global Warming and Agriculture: Impact Estimates by Country, 2007
  • Financial Globalization, Economic Growth, and the Crisis of 2007-09, 2010
  • Carbon Abatement Costs and Climate Change Finance, 2011
  • Resolving the European Debt Crisis, 2012
  • Managing the Euro Area Debt Crisis, 2014
  • The Right Balance for Banks: Theory and Evidence on Optimal Capital Requirements, 2017