Slave to the Blog: Landmines, gossip, and the ANC Youth League



Landmines, actual not metaphorical: It goes without saying that everything one reads about North Korea should be taken with a grain of salt.  With that caveat, reports are emerging that North Korea is mining its border with China as part of an intensified campaign to stop emigration.  If anyone has any further information, this blog comes equipped with a “reply” button...

Gossip: the head of the WFP matters for North Korea.  Colum Lynch at reports that that Bush-era appointee Josette Sheeran has withdrawn from consideration for re-appointment as Executive Director of the WFP. The Obama Administration is reportedly backing Ertharin Cousin, currently US ambassador to the Rome-based food agencies.  If anyone knows anything about her views on North Korea, this blog comes equipped with a “reply” button...

Finally, last week’s post of the ANC Youth League’s truly incredible comment on the death of Kim Jong-il, generated considerable comment, most of it private, expressing incredulity.  Brooks Spector, our fellow traveler in Johannesburg, passes along this public rejoinder by Paul Trewhela provocatively titled, “Kim Jong-il, blood purity, and the ANCYL.”

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