More North Korea jokes!

August 7, 2011 9:45 AM

It’s August and we’re in Hawaii and it’s the weekend.  Who wants to write blogposts? Here are some more North Korea jokes courtesy of Nambuk story via Ask a Korean. The last time we did this, Jinho Yim took us to task responding “Poking fun at the regime would have been funny. Poking fun at the hardship of folks who have very little control over their fate, not so much.” We’ve tried to target the humor more discriminately this time around. You be the judge.

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Kim Il-Sung University professor asked the students: "How many different economic systems exist in the world today?"

A student replied: "There are three. Our juche economic system, the capitalist economic system and the Chinese-style hybrid economic system."

The professor asked again: "Then among the three, which system will be victorious in the end?"

The student replied: "Um... I can't really answer that..."

The professor was outraged: "What do you mean? The answer is clear! Our juche economic system is the only system that will prevail over all other existing economic system and become victorious in the end!"

 The student stammered and replied: "Yes, I learned that... but when that happens, which country will give us food aid?"

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North Korean fishermen went out to the sea and got lost in a storm. They radioed SOS, but everyone was in despair because they knew that no help was coming in the storm just to save a few fishermen. But somehow the radioman was convinced that the help was on the way. The captain yelled: "Forget your stupid hope! Why would they brave this weather?"

The radioman replied: "They are coming. For each SOS, I added 'Kim Jong-Il is a moth****cker.' The Security Bureau will surely come to get us."

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Looking at a painting of Adam and Eve holding an apple in an art gallery, an Englishman said: "They are English, because the man shares delicious food with a woman."

 A Frenchman said: "They are French, because they are walking in the nude."

A North Korean said: "They are North Korean. They have no clothes and little food, but they think they are in heaven."



Thanks for the chuckle.

Fred Zimmerman

My Dad always loved socialism jokes.

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