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Keith Maskus

Keith E. Maskus

Keith E. Maskus, visiting fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, is professor of economics and associate dean for social sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is also a fellow at the Kiel Institute for World Economics and an adjunct professor at the University of Adelaide. He was a lead economist in the Development Research Group at the World Bank, visiting professor at the University of Bocconi, and a visiting scholar at the CES-Ifo Institute at the University of Munich and the China Center for Economic Research at Peking University. He serves as a consultant to the World Bank and the World Intellectual Property Organization and is currently chairing a panel of the National Academy of Sciences on intellectual property management in standards-setting organizations. He is author of Private Rights and Public Problems: The Global Economics of Intellectual Property in the 21st Century (2012) and Intellectual Property Rights in the Global Economy (2000).