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Arvind Subramanian

Arvind Subramanian

WBUR''s On Point
Modern India: Big Growth, Big Problems
Audio | September 12, 2013
Arvind Subramanian joins Adam Roberts from the Economist, Anand Giridharadas from the New York Times, and WBUR''s Tom Ashbrook for an hour-long discussion on India''s economic growing pains.

NPR''s Morning Edition
BRICS Nations Reveal World Bank Alternative
Audio | March 29, 2013
Arvind Subramanian explains to NPR that the BRICS countries plan to establish their own development bank because they are frustrated with the status quo at the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

The New York Review of Books: Will the Chinese Be Supreme?
The New York Review of Books'' spring issue identifies Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China''s Economic Dominance by Arvind Subramanian as a book to help understand China''s emergence as a world power.

The American Interest
Which Nations Failed?
Book review | October 30, 2012
Arvind Subramanian offers a critique of Why Nations Fail, citing China and India as examples that do not fit the book''s central conclusion.

Economics of the New Chinese Government
Video with transcript | October 22, 2012
Arvind Subramanian discusses the economic future of China at a panel hosted by the Heritage Foundation.

CCTV''s Biz Asia
Subramanian on US-India Strategic Dialogue
Video | October 10, 2012
Arvind Subramanian tells CCTV what to expect from the US-India Strategic Dialogue, noting the US-India trade relationship has been on autopilot while the China-India trade relationship has grown.

Economist Debates: India''s Economy
India''s Economy: As Economic Growth Slows, Is India Losing Its Way?
Online debate | October 5–15, 2012
Arvind Subramanian and Shashi Tharoor, an elected member of the Indian Parliament, debate online on the Economist''s website whether India is losing its way.

Can India Catch Up with China?
Video | September 10, 2012
While promoting his book, Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China''s Economic Dominance, in Hong Kong, Arvind Subramanian discusses why India''s projected medium-term growth is being revised downwards.

Wall Street Journal | Road Warrior
Why the Skies Are for Readers
Interview | August 27, 2012
"Reading big books on flights...[t]here''s a heightened awareness and sensitivity to good literature," shares Arvind Subramanian, author of Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China''s Economic Dominance. This unique scholar''s bookworm tendencies, the romance of train travel, his two airport vices, and more are revealed in this Road Warrior interview from the Wall Street Journal.

Atlantic Council
India''s Economic Slowdown
Video | August 10, 2012
Arvind Subramanian gives a presentation on India''s economic slowdown and joins Shuja Nawaz, director of the Atlantic Council''s South Asia Center, for a discussion broadcast by C-SPAN.

PBS NewsHour
Demand for Power in India Outstrips Current Energy Infrastructure
Video | July 31, 2012
Arvind Subramanian discusses the challenges of matching supply with demand for energy in India and the reasons for India''s current power grid inefficiencies.

US Role to Fade with China Calling Shots as Creditor
Video with transcript | June 5, 2012
Arvind Subramanian sits down with RT to discuss his book, Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China''s Economic Dominance, and how China''s financial resources and role as creditor are putting pressure on the United States and the European Union.

CNBC Squawk Box
China Can Prevent a Hard Landing
Video | May 9, 2012
Arvind Subramanian says that there is a low probability of a hard landing in China and that Beijing has the means to prevent such a scenario. Subramanian is author of Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China''s Economic Dominance.

Financial Times
American Nightmare
Review | March 16, 2012
The Financial Times calls Arvind Subramanian''s book, Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China''s Economic Dominance, "penetrating" and a "rewarding piece of economic analysis."

Imagining the Day China Eclipses America
Excerpt posted at
March 12, 2012

What Economist Arvind Subramanian Thinks of ''China 2030''
Review in Wall Street Journal: China Real Time Report
March 2, 2012

Taming the Dragon: One Scholar''s Plan to Soften Chinese Dominance
Review in Wired Magazine
February 28, 2012

India''s Greatest Minds
India Today
December 26, 2011

Foreign Policy Lists Reinhart and Subramanian among World''s Top 100 Thinkers
News Release
November 28, 2011

PopTech Conference 2011
Arvind Subramanian: China’s Ascendance
Video | October 20, 2011
Arvind Subramanian argues that China''s dominance is already a reality. Subramanian is author of Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China''s Economic Dominance.

The Inevitable Superpower: Why China''s Dominance Is a Sure Thing
Foreign Affairs
Arvind Subramanian
August 23, 2011