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Sovereign Bond Purchases and Risk Sharing Arrangements: Implications for Euro Area Monetary Policy [pdf]
by Angel Ubide, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Policy contribution prepared for the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs ahead of the European Parliament's Monetary Dialogue with the
European Central Bank
on June 15, 2015. Copyright remains with the European Parliament at all times. Reposted with permission.
June 15, 2015

Thoughts on Systemic Risk Regulation
by William R. Cline, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Notes prepared for panel presentation at the 2015 Institute of International Finance North America Summit, New York.
June 4, 2015

Versailles Redux? Eurozone Competitiveness in a Dynamic Balassa-Samuelson-Penn Framework [pdf]
by Kevin Stahler, Peterson Institute for International Economics
and Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India
Article in the Journal of Globalization and Development. Reposted with permission.
May 2015

Capital Markets Union: A Long-Term Vision [pdf]
by Nicolas Veron, Peterson Institute for International Economics
and Guntram B. Wolff, Bruegel
Paper prepared for an informal ECOFIN meeting in Riga, Latvia
April 25, 2015

Debt Sustainability and Economic Convergence of Euro Area Member States: Challenges and Solutions [pdf]
by Paolo Mauro, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Briefing submitted in advance of the Economic Dialogue with the President of the Eurogroup at the request of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.
© European Union, reposted with permission [pdf].
February 24, 2015