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Peter Boone Joins Peterson Institute as Nonresident Senior Fellow

July 21, 2011

WASHINGTON—The Peterson Institute for International Economics is pleased to announce that Peter Boone has joined its staff as a nonresident senior fellow. He is coauthor, with Senior Fellow Simon Johnson, of “Europe on the Brink,” a Policy Brief that the Institute is releasing today.

“Peter Boone is a welcome addition to the Peterson Institute staff and brings a wealth of experience, especially in the area of financial crises, to complement our existing research program,” said Institute Director C. Fred Bergsten.

Dr. Boone is a visiting senior fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE) and a principal at Salute Capital Management. He is also chairman and cofounder of Effective Intervention, a UK-based charity created in 2005 with a goal of reducing child mortality in developing countries. From 1997–2003 he was managing partner and research director at Brunswick-UBS, an investment bank based in Moscow. From 1993–97 Dr. Boone was a lecturer in economics and director of the emerging markets finance program at the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE. He also served as a resident macroeconomic adviser to the governments in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Mongolia. His areas of expertise include capital markets, transition economies, debt relief, financial crises, emerging markets and macroeconomic policy.

Currently, his research focuses on the causes of and solutions to recent and nascent financial crises. During 2009–10 he was a member of the LSE Future of Finance group, which brought together some of Britain’s leading academics, policymakers, and financial-market participants for one year to discuss and recommend measures to prevent future financial crises. He is particularly interested in the systemic risks in Europe, Japan, and the United States posed by political systems that tend to create large implicit liabilities for the state, while promoting rather than restricting moral hazard in the financial and corporate world.

Dr. Boone is a regular contributor to the blog The Baseline Scenario, founded by Peterson Institute senior fellow Simon Johnson. He has also been a coauthor with Mr. Johnson on a number of pieces for the New York Times’  Economix blog, as well as for the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Sunday Telegraph, and the Times of London. He has written extensively about the future of banking as well as the European debt crisis.

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