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Peterson Perspectives: Interviews on Current Issues

Institute research staff offer their analyses of current economic and political events in these brief interviews. The views expressed in these interviews are those of the interviewee(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the individual members of the Institute's Board of Directors or its Advisory Committee. We welcome feedback from listeners and encourage you to convey your comments directly to the person interviewed.

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Most recent interviews

audio What’s Next for TPP?
October 6, 2015
Jeffrey J. Schott offers an overview of the payoffs and political problems facing implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

audio China's Economy Shadows the Obama-Xi Summit
September 21, 2015
Nicholas R. Lardy discusses China's economic difficulties and other issues likely to come up when Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping meet.

audio Why Immigration Is Good for Europe
September 3, 2015
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard says that over the long run, the influx of immigrants in Europe will lead to economic growth—and for Germany, the stimulus that many people have long advocated.

audio China Sneezes, Global Markets Get a Cold
August 24, 2015 | Transcript [pdf]
Angel Ubide says markets are likely to remain in turmoil until economic fundamentals in China, the United States, and emerging markets become clearer.

audio Crisis in Brazil
August 20, 2015 | Transcript [pdf]
Monica de Bolle reviews the factors behind the economic turmoil in Brazil, the political corruption scandals, and President Rousseff’s reform agenda.

audio Does China's Currency Decline Portend an Economic Downturn?
August 13, 2015 | Transcript [pdf]
Nicholas R. Lardy says that economic indicators suggest that China's growth rate remains stable at 7 percent despite the latest market pessimism.

audio TPP Talks: Getting to Yes
August 6, 2015 | Transcript [pdf]
Jeffrey J. Schott explains why trade negotiators for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are hopeful they can complete a deal by early September, clearing the way for a presidential signoff by the end of the year.

audio Sanctions on Iran: Why They Worked and Why a 'Snapback' May Not Work
July 29, 2015 | Transcript [pdf]
Gary Clyde Hufbauer explains that economic sanctions on Iran resulted from complex financial and diplomatic activity by Washington, complicating the challenge should sanctions have to be reimposed.

audio Will Greece Make It After All?
July 28, 2015 | Transcript [pdf]
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard and Edwin M. Truman offer cautiously optimistic and cautiously pessimistic views respectively about Greece’s prospects for recovery and growth following another bailout.

audio Argentina’s Default Causes More Headaches
March 19, 2015 | Transcript [pdf]
Anna Gelpern explains why the latest court decision widens the scope of the impact on the banking system from Argentina’s default.

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