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Gary Clyde Hufbauer


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  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Sanctions
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  • Trade Policy

Gary Clyde Hufbauer

Trade Talks Pit EU Bordeaux vs. U.S. Beef in Culture Clash
October 22, 2015

Wall Street Journal
TPP Is Surprising Vote of Confidence in Globalization
October 21, 2015

Trudeau Elected Canadian Prime Minister As Liberals Sweep To Power
October 20, 2015

Trans-Pacific Currency Deal Puts Yellen's Fed in the Spotlight
October 6, 2015

Trump Killing Nafta Could Mean Big Unintended Consequences for the U.S.
October 1, 2015

Washington Post
What you need to know about the cyberspying deal with China
October 1, 2015

Wall Street Journal
Pacific Trade Talks At Crucial Juncture
September 29, 2015

Radio New Zealand
TPP Deal Could Be Close
Audio | July 27, 2015
With the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the final round of talks in Hawaii, Gary Clyde Hufbauer summarizes the remaining issues to be solved.

Bloomberg Radio's Taking Stock
Hufbauer Says 'Long Way' From Cuban Travel [mp3]
Audio | December 18, 2014
In this radio interview Gary Clyde Hufbauer explains the limitations on President Obama's decision to normalize relations with Cuba. Hufbauer is coauthor of the recent book Economic Normalization with Cuba: A Roadmap for US Policymakers.

Financial Times
Cuba and US Trade: Two-minute Guide to What Next
Blog post | December 18, 2014
The Financial Times discusses potential economic gains of normalized US-Cuban economic relations, based on the findings of Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Barbara Kotschwar's book Economic Normalization with Cuba: A Roadmap for US Policymakers.

Wall Street Journal:
5 Things You Need to Know about Cuba's Economy
Blog post | December 17, 2014
Ian Talley's primer on Cuba's economy discusses Cuba's potential for growth, using figures from Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Barbara Kotschwar's book Economic Normalization with Cuba: A Roadmap for US Policymakers.

New York Times
One Big Risk for Cuba-US Relations: Moving Too Fast
Article | December 17, 2014
Neil Irwin discusses the risk of moving too fast to normalize US-Cuba relations, based on his reading of Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Barbara Kotschwar's book Economic Normalization with Cuba: A Roadmap for US Policymakers.

Foreign Affairs
Back Channel to Cuba; Economic Normalization with Cuba
Book review | November/December 2014
Foreign Affairs magazine discusses Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Barbara Kotschwar's recent study, Economic Normalization with Cuba: A Roadmap for US Policymakers.

NPR's All Things Considered
How NAFTA Drove the Auto Industry South
Audio with transcript | December 8, 2013
Gary Clyde Hufbauer discusses how the biggest industry transformation resulting from NAFTA occurred in Mexico's automobile industry.

NPR's All Things Considered
Long Road Ahead For Permanent Iran Nuclear Deal To Be Reached
Audio with transcript | November 25, 2013
Gary Clyde Hufbauer discusses on NPR how sanctions pressed Iran to make a deal on its nuclear program. Listen to related Peterson Perspectives Interview: Lifting Sanctions on Iran

CNBC Asia's Squawk Box
EU Could Suspend ETS Scheme on Airlines
Video | July 31, 2012
Gary Clyde Hufbauer explains why sovereignty issues and international law may force the European Union to suspend its emissions trading scheme (ETS) for airlines.

Iran Talks—An Attempt to Buy Time?
Video | May 23, 2012
Gary Cylde Hufbauer says the Iran nuclear talks are an attempt to buy time for both Tehran and world powers.

China Pledges Increased Access for US Companies Without Budging on Yuan
Video | May 11, 2011
Gary Clyde Hufbauer tells Bloomberg that progress at the US-China Dialogue was modest. While there was no significant progress on strengthening the renminbi, a major US objective was achieved: China agreed that government procurement both at local and national levels would be open to foreign companies.

Marketplace Radio
The IRS Investigates HSBC for Tax Evasion
Article | April 8, 2011
Marketplace Radio talks with Gary Clyde Hufbauer about tax evasion through foreign bank accounts and what the IRS is doing about it. Hufbauer estimates that alleged Indian-American tax evasion could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and sees the IRS's investigation of HSBC as "significant" and likely part of a growing trend. Hufbauer is coauthor of US Taxation of Foreign Income.

US-China Aluminum Trade Dispute and Currency Subsidies
Video | August 31, 2010
Gary Clyde Hufbauer discusses US-China trade relations in the context of the latest dispute over subsidized aluminum prices and to what amount renminbi undervaluation contributes to lower prices.

Wall Street Journal
Japan Post Privatization at Stake in Elections
Video | July 8, 2010
Trade expert Gary Clyde Hufbauer discusses Japan's ruling Democratic Party's moves to stall privatization of Japan Post.

US House Committee on Small Business
Evaluating the Impact of Small Business Trade Policy on Job Creation and Economic Growth
Video | April 28, 2010
Trade expert Gary Clyde Hufbauer testifies on the problems small businesses face in the export market and makes policy recommendations on how to assist more small businesses with exporting.