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China Economic Watch Is China Unwinding its Foreign Exchange Reserves? Not Just Yet
Kent Troutman — October 20, 2014
Last week, the PBoC released data on its third quarter foreign exchange reserve accumulation. The headline data showed a decline of $105 billion, the first decline in headline re ...

North Korea: Witness to Transformation Slave to the Blog: Human Rights Edition
Stephan Haggard — October 20, 2014
Last week, we published the full text of a letter from Ambassador Ja Song Nam, the North Korean Permanent Representative to the United Nations, to his fellow ambassadors. This letter reflects evidence of a subtle shift in North Korean policy on human r ...

China Economic Watch China Chart of the Week: Fishing in the South China Sea
Sarah Oliver — October 17, 2014
While the most recent clashes between China and its Southeast Asian neighbors in the South China Sea have been over ...

RealTime Economic Issues Watch To Unleash an Infrastructure Boom, Turn to the Private Sector
Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Tyler Moran — October 16, 2014
With the world economy suffering, neither monetary nor fiscal nostrums are giving much relief. Easy money has boosted bond and equity prices, as well as housing values, but it has done little to lift wages or employment. Fiscal expansion is constrained by politics, not economics. Debt and deficit ...

News Release Arvind Subramanian Appointed Chief Economic Advisor to Indian Government
October 16, 2014
WASHINGTON—The Peterson Institute for International Economics is proud to announce ...

News Release Peterson Institute Book Recommends Consideration of China-United States Trade and Investment Agreement
October 16, 2014
WASHINGTON—A new study from the Peterson Institute for International Economics proposes that the United States and China consider the possibility of a far-reaching agreement to lower barriers to trade and investment between them over the lon ...

Article Why We Must Break Up the Financial Herd
Avinash D. Persaud — October 15, 2014
Financial firms can play an important role in restoring growth but only as part of a system that does not accentuate boom and bust.

China Economic Watch Is China's Rebalancing for “Real”?
Ryan Rutkowski — October 14, 2014
For the past three years the rapid growth of China’s service sector has been one of the most positive indicators that internal rebalancing – while slow – is moving in a positive direction. In nominal terms the tertiary industry (i.e. services) exceeded secondary industry (i.e. industry and construct ...

Op-ed A Recovery Driven by Manufacturing? It's Not Happening, George
David G. Blanchflower — October 14, 2014
Evidence that the UK economy is potentially at another downward turning point continues to come in thick and fast.

China Economic Watch China Chart of the Week: Headwinds to Further Residential Investment
Kent Troutman — October 10, 2014
Earlier this week the Governor of the Australian central bank, Glenn Stevens, remarked in the opening of his monetary policy statement that the slowing property market in China would present a “near-term challenge”. This sentiment ...

Op-ed The Irrationality of Independence
Angel Ubide — October 10, 2014
If there is an independence referendum in Catalonia, the authorities must tell the public the truth about the possible consequences of independence so that they can vote rationally.

audio Peterson Perspectives Interview Europe Turns against France
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard and Nicolas Veron — October 10, 2014
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard and Nicolas Véron discuss France's confrontation with the European Union over the French failure to meet its commitments on fiscal consolidation.

Testimony Review of the EU Financial Regulatory Framework [pdf]
Nicolas Veron — October 8, 2014
Nicolas Véron assesses the effectiveness of EU financial reforms since 2008 in testimony before the UK House of Lords.

Op-ed Sorry, George, but Simply Cutting the Benefits of the Poor Is Not Going to Make Them Work Harder
David G. Blanchflower — October 8, 2014
Britain is not the fastest-growing, most job-creating, deficit-reducing, of any major advanced economy.

Op-ed Gagnon: Yellen vs. the BIS: Whose Thesis Makes Better Sense?
Joseph E. Gagnon — October 7, 2014
Janet Yellen is right to resist diverting monetary policy from its primary objective of stabilizing economic activity and inflation.



C. Fred Bergsten

Bridging the Pacific: Toward Free Trade and Investment between China and the United States

Coauthors C. Fred Bergsten, Gary Clyde Hufbauer, and Sean Miner present the conclusions of their latest book. Myron Brilliant, US Chamber of Commerce, provided comments.

Martin Wolf

The Shift and the Shocks: What We've Learned—and Have Still to Learn—from the Financial Crisis

Martin Wolf presents the conclusions of his new book, followed by commentary by Athanasios Orphanides and Kevin Warsh.

Vitor Gaspar, Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

The European Union: Challenged and Poised for Change

Vitor Gaspar, IMF, delivers the keynote address at the semiannual Moody's Investor Service-PIIE Sovereign Economic Panel. Marco Buti, European Commission, and Lúcio Vinhas de Souza, Moody's, presented opening and closing remarks, respectively.

Suma Chakrabarti

What the New Multilateralism Means: A Development Bank Leadership Perspective

EBRD President Chakrabarti and African Development Bank President Kaberuka, discuss changes in development and infrastructure banks and their response to the shifting multilateral balance of economics and politics.

H. E. Guangyao Zhu, Vice Minister of Finance, People's Republic of China

The Global Economy and China-US Economic Relations

Vice Minister of Finance Guangyao Zhu speaks at the Peterson Institute.


David J. Stockton discusses the global economic outlook, underperforming economies, evidence of an expanding US economy, and the problems that stand in the way of more growth.


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